Friday, 24 April 2015

Ive just disembarked off my turquoise appolo from the weekly annual coob extravaganza- it’s common knowledge now, that access to a keyboard and public wifi grants u the privilege to cover charge your cemented event-so me and xannie danny jived down under only to swap a red headed step child three shillings and a bike light for four star entry to the dumpster cave- upon arrival I glimpsed various internet coobs and loungeroom retirees- I did a lap and xannie checked the surrounding d floor perimeter for pressed abandoned and unintentionally dropped uppers- there were ethical AKA ozone layer free exorbitant mocktails and a zillion doors that were locked because even being a famous keyboarder doesn’t grant u the luxury to a dunnie. So xannie and I busted out and split and now im in my room deciding what type of drake fan I am. Its like deciding what type of feminist you are- u just need access to youtube- and a facsimile to send ur pet Chihuahua screen grabs of ur photocopied arse tatts… Goodnight